How many times have you heard others
(or even said yourself):

I wish I’d invested in [APPLE/GOOGLE/AMAZON/HARLEY/DISNEY/MATEL] early on?

“Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company. So then I got a call from him, saying we don’t have to worry about money no more. And I said, that’s good! One less thing.”

“He got me invested in some kind of fruit company,” ~ Forrest Gump

Well, here’s your chance!

After over 35 years of Research and Development to create a process that actually works; does what we say it will; and produces the products we claim it will – Community BioRefineries has accomplished these things, is commercializing its process, and is seeking investors.  (And the Community BioRefineries also started out in a garage… )

What sort of person will want to invest in the Community BioRefinery/Hemp BioRefinery?

  • Qualified investors looking to make a significant addition to their portfolios;
  • Those wanting to invest in a company that will not only participate in the cannabis sector but also had the vision to expand production beyond just a few “traditional “products;
  • Those with awareness to see that no other company or organization has the ability, the focus, and motivation to bring this extraordinary process for the benefit investors and consumers alike;
  • Those with a genuine understanding and desire to make a positive environmental difference with this genuinely green and environmentally responsible company;
  • Those who have always wanted to “get in early” on a revolutionary, ‘path-finding’ opportunity.  ( For example, a $10,000 investment in Apple at their begining would be worth. For example, a $100 investment in Apple at their begining would be worth $41,002.74 today based on a price of $173.98 for AAPL;
  • Those that are looking to become actual long-term investors and not be speculators.  For those seeking a quick return and then bail out on the company, we view that as a disservice to the company and other investors.  If you are the latter, we thank you for your interest and wish you good luck elsewhere.

How do I participate in the new Green Revolution; to be involved in making the CBR/HBR become an economic reality?

To be sure, we remain in strict compliance with securities regulations; we have structured our opportunity to provide investors with maximum flexibility.  Our securities offering is focused on creating a Community BioRefinery facility.  If you are genuinely interested in becoming a part of something truly extraordinary, please let us know through our “Contact” page.  Our ‘official’ due diligence material is focused on Community BioRefinery information, but specific references are made to the Hemp BioRefinery within.  (Remember, the HBR is a division of the CBR and not a stand-alone entity.)

We have a boodle of due diligence material prepared, so we will do our best not to put folks into sensory overload by providing materials too quickly (or slowly) but at their pace.  The CBR/HBR offers the opportunity to review and absorb information, prepare questions that may occur to you, and allow us to culminate our materials for you with an official Offering document, as appropriate.  NOTE:  Some of these materials contain sensitive information which require the completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement before they can be released. Terms may differ slightly between individual investors and “entities” looking to invest in us.

ATTENTION POTENTIAL INVESTORS: The material included herein and within the websites of Community BioRefineries, LLC (the parent company) and Hemp-BioRefineries include information relating to both. The parent company, Community Bio-Refineries, LLC (CBR), is commercializing its process via Joint Ventures with other entities, and/or, individual investors. The current Private Offering is to enlist individual investors in return for equity in and other benefits from “Missouri CBR Joint Venture, LLC”.  Hemp-BioRefinery is a specialized division of Missouri CBR Joint Venture, LLC, not a separate entity.

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