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The Community BioRefinery

Investment Benefits

What sort of person will want to invest in the Community Bio-Refinery/Hemp-BioRefinery?

  • Qualified investors looking to make a significant addition to their portfolios;
  • Those wanting to invest in a company that will not only participate in the marijuana sector but also has the vision to expand production beyond just a few "traditional" products;
  • Those with awareness to see that no other company or organization has the ability, the focus, and the motivation to bring this extraordinary process to benefit investors and consumers alike;
  • Those with a genuine understanding and desire to make a positive environmental difference with this genuinely green and environmentally responsible company;
  • Those who have always wanted to "get in early" on a revolutionary, 'path- finder' opportunity;
  • Those that are looking to become actual long-term investors and not speculators. For those seeking a quick return and then bail out on the company, we view that as a disservice to the company and the other investors. If you are the latter, we thank you for your interest and wish you good luck elsewhere.

How do I participate in the new Green Revolution, to be involved in making the CBR and HBR become an economic reality?

To ensure we remain in strict compliance with securities regulations, we have structured our opportunity to provide investors with maximum flexibility. Our securities offering is focused on creating a Community Bio-Refinery facility; however, the investor may designate whether they prefer to support a CBR facility or its extension, an HBR facility. If you are genuinely interested in being part of something extraordinary, please let us know through our "Contact Us" page. The 'official' due diligence material is focused principally on Community Bio-Refinery information, but specific references are made to the HBR within. We have a boodle of due diligence material prepared, so we will do our best not to put folks into sensory overload by providing materials as quickly (or slowly) as desired. The CBR and HBR offer the opportunity to review and absorb, prepare questions that may occur to you, and allow us to culminate our materials for you with the official Offering document – a "Private Placement Confidential Memorandum," or PPM.

Energy benefits

The energy benefits of the CBR and HBR are tangible: 

  • CBR/HBRs will be located close to source materials, greatly reducing transportation fuel expenditure;
  • Plants are able to generate their own electricity to make them energy self-sufficient;
  • Process utilizes every molecule of the source materials. There is no need to expend additional resources and energy to deal with waste management, treatment, and disposal;
  • Our biofuels are created via fermentation, not involving petroleum. None of the drilling, refining, transporting, blending -and on and on – necessary with petroleum-based fuels.
  • Our intended principal consumers of our biofuels are the local farmers; the local community fleets (like emergency vehicles, school bus fleets, etc.)
The Community BioRefinery
The Community BioRefinery

Vertically Integrate Product Benefits

  • The CBR/HBR, applying over thirty-five years of research and development by our technology partners on processing the entire plant from root to grain is the example of Vertical Integration in process engineering.  That is, each step "feeds into" and enables the next step.
  • We have proven pilot plant and small facilities isolating the sugars, oil, protein, and fiber for value-added products.
  • The CBR/HBR will also use the microeconomics version of Vertical Integration by owning and controlling supplies, distribution, and sales. This benefits the CBR/HBR Vertical Integration by allowing full control of the process, thus reducing costs and improving efficiencies.

Supporting Research

Vertical Integration: When looking at the Community Bio-Refinery process, the Hemp-BioRefinery division saw Cannabis as an excellent and complex plant with many incredible by-products that were overlooked. Cannabis is not just a psychotropic bud or therapeutic oil. By CBR applying the vertically integrated process on the whole Cannabis plant, we benefit from CBR's 35 years of  our technology partners' research and development to extract and isolate the individual components in its pristine state into incredible products. In the Cannabis industry, we are not "A one-trick pony." This idiom was used by William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody when he opened his Wild West the Shows. Buffalo Bill trained his ponies to do a multitude of tricks to be a complete entertainment show. In our manufacturing, we look at vertical integration to process the whole plant, whether it be a feed stock biomass, or even cannabis - which is actually both - from root to bud. In Cannabis manufacturing, we will process the entire plant to isolate the fibers, sugars, and oil. We are utilizing the successful CBR process that has processed similar grain agricultural products to produce bio-based food, chemicals, and bio-based products. The research below shows the magnitude of products that are still to be created using Cannabis as a feedstock.  The HBR Division will focus on hemp/cannabis, the CBR will continue to focus on most other feed stocks and biomass.

Key Features of Vertically Integrated Manufacturing From Means
Engineering Inc.

“Manufacturing processes have changed a lot over the past few years. As demand for increased quality control, efficiency and lower costs have grown, so has the need for vertically integrated manufacturing.”

Manufacturing: The New Case for Vertical Integration From the Harvard
Business Review:

“Ever since Robert Hayes and the late William Abernathy exposed the ways we manage our companies into decline, executives in big manufacturing corporations have been struggling with a central strategic problem. It is to find the right balance between investing in vertical integration and encouraging process technology development among suppliers.”

Horizontal and Vertical Integration in Industry 4.0 from manufacturing Business Technology

“A vertically integrated company, on the other hand, keeps as much of its value chain in-house as it can—from product development to manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution.”


ATTENTION POTENTIAL INVESTORS: The material included on these pages and within the websites of Community BioRefineries, LLC and Hemp-BioRefineries includes information relating to both. The parent company, Community Bio-Refineries, LLC (CBR), is commercializing its process via Joint Ventures with other entities, and/or, individual investors. The current Private Offering is to enlist investors in return for equity in and other benefits from “Missouri CBR Joint Venture, LLC”. Hemp-BioRefinery is a specialized division of Missouri CBR Joint Venture, LLC, not a separate entity.

The Community BioRefinery

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