This Community Bio-Refinery (CBR) Pitch Deck is a concise presentation for interested individuals to get a better understanding of this unique company. The CBR will vertically integrate the process of utilizing every component of feed stocks and biomass.  The CBR is one of the oldest R&D Bio-Tech companies with over 35 years of applying proven technologies. Over the years, the CBR has processed plant material and biomass with great success. The process enables the break-down of plant materials to micron-sized particles, but uses no heat or chemicals in doing so. This process preserves the nutritional qualities of feed stocks and biomass, never witnessed before. This extraction, isolation, intact recovery, and preservation yields pristine products. The extraction is performed without the use of damaging heat, pressures, or chemicals. In this Pitch Deck, we have chosen 11 slides that will allow the reader to understand what we are proposing quickly.

The Community BioRefinery
  • This CBR Pitch Deck is a concise 11 slide presentation. We intend to make the presentation engaging without in-depth technology jargon. The CBR Pitch Deck uses slides for supporting visual content, graphs, charts, and critical terms to understand the CBR process.
  • This Pitch Deck is to give a quick overview of the company. If a human interaction works better, we can set up a conference call.

After reviewing the Pitch Deck Slides, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.