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CBR Overview

The Opportunity: Community Bio-Refineries, LLC seeks action-oriented funding partners to assist us in building our first $100 million commercial grade manufacturing facility. Considering the existing GLOBAL demand for our products, we anticipate that, after the first CBR become commercially operational, we will never see the last one built.

Business Summary: Community Bio-Refineries, LLC has uniquely marshaled several key technologies which, via vertical integration, enable a cutting-edge method of processing a whole variety of feed stocks and biomass to produce high-value food components and food products and, enable a host of value-added products from its ‘waste’ stream cleanup.  These proprietary technologies were developed in partnership with several major universities and US government agencies.

Food components from the CBR, such as pure protein isolates and high oleic oils, possess nutritive values never before seen; many qualify as ‘nutraceutical’ grade while others will even have medical applications. (“Nutraceuticals” are foods that behave like medicines.)  The waste stream treatments allow for every molecule of the source material to be used.  “Waste” sugars will be converted into a nutraceutical in its own right, or, feed into a special continuous flow fermenter allowing the production of several ‘next generation’ biofuels. Thereafter, the waste stream enables biodegradable plastics; fish feed (to support aquaculture and hydroponics); and green electricity – enough to power the entire plant with a significant excess available to go back onto the grid. Finally, hyper-pure water to be recycled back to the beginning of the process. No heat; no chemicals involved throughout. No pollution. Products are low cost and high quality.

This unique process virtually eliminates the cost of the feed stocks used - an aspect of traditional biofuels production which sees the feed stock as their biggest production expense. The CBR process has minimized that concern through our unique application of proprietary technology.

The CBR process is truly a paradigm shift in not only food production and biofuels, but enables allied byproducts to provide an even bigger boost to the bottom line.

Preliminary market estimates show significant demand for CBR food components in the school lunch programs (nationwide); in the heath food industry; the snack food industry; the baking industry, and more. Further, the unique attributes of certain food components make them sought after in the nutraceutical sector. Some even have direct medical applications which will skew us in favor of substantial profits all by themselves. The CBR will even create brand new markets, particularly regarding certain protein isolates. No other processing company has been able to create a more pure protein isolate with no off odors, odd tastes, or peculiar coloring. These attributes alone will create a demand such that we may be challenged to keep up with – but it will be a good sort of problem.

A military department has indicated it will “take every drop you can produce” of our bio-jet fuel once the plant is fully operational.


Social, Economic, and Environmental Impact of CBRs

  • Downsizing/Decentralization
  • Refining Capacity
  • Biotechnology Clusters
  • Petroleum Independence
  • Economic Development: Much more of revenues kept in local
  • Environmentally Friendly: Zero pollution Water: End of “waste stream” is hyper pure water which is recycled, never discharged.

Air: Process is a closed system – no putrid or rancid odors emitted.

No heat or chemicals used in production.

  • Jobs: 600 direct jobs + at least as many indirect jobs per
  • Health: Nutraceutical and even medical applications for food end-items.
  • Energy: Creates ‘green’ energy from its own hydrogen recovered and re-purposed.


  • Food Industry
  • Bio-Medical
  • Biofuels
  • Bioplastics
  • Aquaculture
  • Hydroponics
  • Green Electricity


FUNDING FOCUS: Raise approximately $100 Million in a combination of equity and debt financing. These amounts are estimates only and are broken down and prioritized as follows:

Preliminary financials show the growth of first commercial CBR to enable it to show a profit by the end of the second year and be at full capacity by the end of the third year. We have configured the application of revenues from the first CBR to significantly mitigate the risk to funders.

Funding for the first commercial plant will be applied in three specific phases. While raising the entire $100 million from funders is certainly desirable, we anticipate that we will need to supplement some of the requirement with debt financing, for which we have already made preliminary coordination.


Phase Investment Funding for
Phase I $5 million Working Capital, Debt Service, Site-specific Pilot Plant w/enhancements
Phase II $25 million Expansion of Pilot Plant to Demonstration Plant for large sample production; final engineering.  Demo Plant becomes nucleus of commercial facility.
Phase III $50 million  

Construction and operation of a commercial CBR manufacturing facility.

Risk Mitigation:  Contributors in Phases I and II receive: LLC Units + return of contribution w/cumulative preferred annual simple interest rate and retention of LLC Units.  Further risk mitigation via lien on land and buildings until principal and interest repaid.


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Contact: Scott R. Hewitt, CBR LLC President and COO    or    Vincent James, Dir, CBR Western States Operations
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