What is a true* plant protein isolate?

Proteins, either from animals or plants, are the building blocks of life!

* According to the FDA a true protein isolate is 90% or better pure protein

The Community BioRefineries has co-patented with the USDA the first true plant protein isolate with all 9 Essential branch chain Amino Acids (Protein) on a Plant-Based Diet.

Protein is one of the necessary nutrients for well-balanced health.  Protein helps enhance the strength of hair, bones, skin, and nails.  Professional athletes and others must maintain their strength or make changes in their bodies.

While healthy protein is found naturally in a variety of foods – particularly meats and nuts – many individuals enjoy consuming concentrated dietary protein supplements to satisfy their day-to-day targets.  Thanks to food science development technology, customers can appreciate healthy protein supplements from various sources, depending upon their options. Healthy and balanced protein from plant sources is one of the most usual alternatives to meat or dairy-based healthy proteins.

This article focuses on plant protein isolates (90%+ purity) developed by the Community BioRefinery (CBR).  Many feed stock plants contain very nutritious proteins (corn, soy, rice, barley, camelina, hemp, and others).  CBR’s isolation and recovery process allows these proteins to remain pristine and intact – totally undamaged because no heat, chemicals, or pressures have been used in the process.

CBR’s Pure Plant Protein Isolate is a new food protein that will offer a higher quality protein for our world’s food supply.  This unique protein has never been available to the food and nutraceuticals industries.  Because CBR’s Protein Isolates are tasteless and odorless, these isolates will allow a higher quality protein to be incorporated into our foods, giving them the nutrition of milk or meat without adversely affecting the taste, mouthfeel, or odors of such foods.  CBR’s Protein Isolate will also reduce the caloric content and boost the nutrition and digestibility of food products.  This new protein isolate is loaded with antioxidants, which will dramatically increase the shelf-life of foods into which it is blended.  This alone could potentially save the food industry billions of dollars each year in food waste.  Finally, Protein Isolates from corn will provide revolutionary new health benefits never before available to the food and health industries.

What is CBR protein?

If you’ve done any protein supplement buying, you have likely seen products consisting partially or exclusively of whey protein.  Whey comes from milk product, which is why it is among the most readily available kind of protein supplement on the marketplace today.  Problem is, however, there is shortage of whey protein:  there aren’t enough cows to help meet the demand.

CBR’s healthy and balanced protein isolate powders are made exclusively from plant sources.  Because they are typically gluten-free and hypoallergenic (i.e., devoid of irritants), CBR’s healthy protein isolates are typically the proteins of choice for those with dairy product allergies.

While CBR’s healthy protein isolates are not digest as slowly as casein (another milk component with beneficial protein content) they are absorbed more readily than healthy and balanced whey proteins.  That’s what makes CBR’s healthy protein an optimal selection for post-workout healing, especially for those with whey/dairy allergies.

Research has shown that CBR’s healthy protein isolate is more satiating than whey, which is extremely important for those who desire to control their hunger.  The protein isolate has other outstanding benefits that make it a superb component of anybody’s health and wellness regimen.

What is CBR’s healthy protein isolate made from?

CBR’s nutritional healthy protein isolates are generally created from basic feed stock crops such as corn, soy, rice, barley, camelina, and hemp.  Other cultivated plants contain high quality protein as well, but CBR did not wish to take the “shotgun approach”.  Some plant proteins today are portrayed as ‘isolates’ and used to create plant-based meats.  Problem is, they’re not isolates at all: they are ‘concentrates’ with a much lower protein content that an isolate and their extraction methods have damaged the protein molecules which cause them to begin the rotting process.

The third-party scientists confirmed that CBR’s healthy protein isolate is safe enough to be used in infant formula. Unless you have pre-existing health trouble, you can eat CBR’s healthy protein isolate as an element of your regular diet regimen.

Why take advantage of CBR’s protein isolates over different other healthy protein supplements?

Dairy-free and lactose-free. If you cannot take in healthy and balanced protein originated from milk – typically whey or casein – due to allergic reactions or sensitivity to these energetic ingredients, CBR’s healthy and balanced protein isolates are exceptional alternatives.

A different taste?  CBR’s protein isolates are odorless, tasteless, and colorless – making them ideal to incorporate into other food products or consumed by themselves.  Some whey supplements carry a peculiar flavor, but some like this sort of preference in their protein drinks.

Vegan healthy protein source.  CBR’s healthy protein is an ideal nutrient source used as a food or drinks active ingredient for those that choose a vegan lifestyle.

CBR’s healthy protein isolates will be popular supplements because all contain essential vital amino acids– the body can’t develop branched-chain amino acids (or BCAAs) — in its amino acid account.  Protein isolates from plants do not all have the same amino acids present; however, some which are high in some of the amino acids can be blended with other plant isolates which have the missing amino acids.  The result is an isolate blend with all the essential amino acids making it a “whole food” (one which a person can survive and thrive on all by itself).

Individuals looking to establish muscular tissue mass or transform their bodies through weight-loss must maintain a healthy and balanced protein consumption by adhering to a high healthy protein diet regimen plan.  While it’s ideal to acquire healthy protein from whole food resources, Community BioRefinery’s Protein Isolates may be the solution.

With the daily schedule and having to keep up with nutritional goals, maintaining proper protein nutrition can be difficult.  Those who have a tough time obtaining a specific and healthy balanced protein intake per day frequently supplement their diet regimen with healthy and balanced protein nutrition shakes made from dietary protein powders.

Picking a CBR healthy protein supplier

After identifying what type of healthy protein powder, you intend to use as your dietary supplement, you then must find it/them from a reputable vendor.  These can be found via eCommerce, as well as grocery stores and health food stores which offer healthy protein supplements containing CBR’s healthy protein isolates.

Whether online or in your community, seek clarification regarding all food components consisting of grain protein isolates. Top-notch sellers will be upfront about sweeteners, chemicals, and other ingredients in their items so you can make the very best selection for your needs.  Quality protein will undoubtedly fit your way of life and nutritional choices, whether you need it for muscle mass development, as a component of your sports nutrition routine, or just a part of maintaining a healthy diet.

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